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Photo Release

Our teams will take before and after photos / videos of the residence for safety and to determine the final cost of the service. The images of the residence will not be posted on any social media platforms unless given permission to do so. Images serve as safety measures for us in case of any broken/damaged items that were previously broken/damaged in the residence before our team started the service. The images will be sent to our office for our image analysis to determine the final cost of the service. Therefore they will take photos of kitchen appliances and valuable items (decor statues, expensive furniture, etc.), and any items that were already damaged before our team started the service, to prevent any allegations of missing, damaged, or broken items.

Service Concerns

You’ll have 24 hours to reach out to Olga’s Magic Cleaners to inform us if there’s any concerns about the services. After 24 hours Olga’s Magic Cleaners is no longer responsible for any dissatisfactions. There are no refunds, we will have a team come out to the residence to rectify any mistakes.

Cancellation Policy


If you’re a new customer or a customer who has not used our services in the past 90 days, we ask for a 50% deposit. Once the service is completed we will deduct the 50% deposit from the total service cost.

We understand you have a busy life and an inconvenience may appear that might cause you to reschedule. Therefore the 50% deposit will be able to be transferred to a later date only up to 30 days from your original appointment. If you choose not to reschedule within the next 30 days the 50% deposit will expire and will not be refundable. You will also not be able to ask for a refund within the 30 day period.

SAME DAY CANCELLATIONS will be charged for the remaining balance of the FULL SERVICE and will not be able to transfer payment to a later date.
You must read and agree with our policy before scheduling for a cleaning service. When you schedule with Olga’s Magic Cleaners you are accepting everything within our policy. If you have any questions regarding our policy please contact us and we will help you with your questions.